Terms & Conditions



Any information submitted to Musiodata via web-site or otherwise is confidential and will be held in MusioData’s archive for a period of five years. 


Any representations that you, the client (hereafter referred to as “you”), make to Musiodata, Sandy Wilbur Music, Inc. or Sandy Wilbur (hereafter referred to as “Musiodata”) are, to the best of your knowledge, correct and true.


By submitting a form and music to Musiodata, you authorize Musiodata to do the work specified and are responsible for all payments due Musiodata for the work done.




You acknowledge that you have reviewed the fee schedule and are aware of the costs of the services provided 


Musiodata provides musicological opinions only. For any legal advice, Musiodata recommends consulting an attorney in conjunction with the musicological services provided.


Any musicological opinion rendered by Musiodata does not carry with it any real or implied guarantee, indemnity, or endorsement of any kind.


If you are aware of any reminiscent song, artist, sample or likeness of any kind to the work submitted to Musiodata, or if you have attempted to get a quote for licensing a piece of music, you must include that information, sample, or temp track with you submission.